Youth & Education

Children`s and youth parliament


Address (mail) : Berliner Str.15, 14712 Rathenow



Chairman : Sebastian Lodwig, telephone: 0160/8812528

Press spokesperson: Susanne Meier, telephone: 0174/4731517


Children`s and youth representative of the town: Claudia Wolfram, telephone: 03385/596-373


The children`s and youth parliament is founded on February 4th, 2003 on the initiative of Mr. Seeger, town`s mayor of Rathenow. Members are children and young people who live in Rathenow or attend schools there. Finding out the interests, ideas and problems, qualifying its members to take part actively in the sessions of the municipal committees and to conduct projects are activities with young people for young people and for our town. Among the activities which have been organized by the children`s and youth parliament have been:


- the participation in the prevention days 2004 of the Havelland district;


- the fight for the maintenance or reconstruction of the basketball court of the Fontanepark;


- the playground check in March 2005, launching of an appeal toimprove the existing conditions;


- the handing over of a graffiti-wall to the youth of Rathenow on September 28th, 2005. They can use it for legal spraying.


The latest project is "YouthArt", where young people redesign unsightly walls and empty shopwindows by permission of the owners.


The members of the children`s and youth parliament are permanently looking for manifold contacts, are interested in your opinion, in your problems!