Data & Facts

Rathenow as the economic centre of the region is an interesting opposite to the conurbation around Berlin. Main sectors are: precision mechanics (optics), scientific equipment production, tool machine production, production of metal goods and containers.

In addition to traditional and innovative companies, the "Technologie- und Gründerzentrum (TGZ) Havelland" and the educational centre of the opticians` guild are located in the new industrial estate "Grünauer Fenn", which is situated in the south of the town. Both centres offer advantageous opportunities to company founders and young companies, so that new branches like environmental- and communication technologies and production-orientated services are established. The industrial estate "Heidefeld" has also been completely opened up. Several companies have been set up there to benefit from the good infrastructural connection.

Besides its traditional importance as an industrial estate with a high potential of qualified workers the city offers a great variety of services. Several trading facilities, banks and insurances, administrative offices, hotels and restaurants as well as crafts firms contribute to the increase of Rathenow`s reputation as the centre of the Havelland. 1.600 manufacturers concentrate their efforts on different branches.

Since 1997, Rathenow has occupied the leading function of the EU-project to increase the energy efficiency (SAVE-program). In cooperation with partners from Finland, Austria (Judenburg), Greek (Kilkis) and Poland (Zlotow) a programme to decrease the energy consumption has been created.


Up to now, Rathenow has been the only town in the new federal states, which is a member of the European "Energy Cite´s". This network unites approximately 70 European towns, which try to achieve an efficient energy management.